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How to convert visio doc to pdf

  1. Add a local printer connected to "FILE:" (not "LPT1:")
  2. Printer should be something in old HP LaserJet series like "HP LaserJet 4" or "HP LaserJet 6P/6MP Postscript"
  3. In visio select File->Print then OK. In a new window type a name like "C:\"
  4. The file will be created in the folder you specified or in a current folder if you did not specify it (in this case the file might be difficult to find)
  5. Pass it to Acrobat Distiller and enjoy.

If you have a problem of pixelated fonts (some fonts look funny) try going into printer`s options, then "advanced" and in "document options/postscript options" section set "truetype font download option" to "outline" (you may try setting "truetype font download option" to "native truetype" and "postscript output option" to "optimize for portability" or "EPS" if you still have problems)

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