Bash command line shortcuts

Ctrl-E Go to end of line
Ctrl-A Go to start of line
Ctrl-U Delete everything left of cursor
Ctrl-K Delete everything right of cursor
Ctrl-W Delete word left (also Alt + Del)
Alt + D Delete the word right
Ctrl-Y Paste last deleted text
Ctrl-F Move cursor forward one char
Ctrl-B Move cursor back one char
Ctrl-P Move back one line in history
Ctrl-N Move forward one line in history
Ctrl-R Search bash history (start typing)
Ctrl + S Go forward in the history - to the next most recent command.
Ctrl + O Execute the command found via Ctrl+r or Ctrl+s
Ctrl-G Cancel history search
Esc + T Swap the last two words before the cursor
Alt + R Revert - cancel the changes and put back the line as it was in the history
Ctrl + _ Undo