Tivoli Storage Manager functions

TSM functions

default user/password

Create volume (add space)
def vol backuppool /media/1T-Backups/TSMBackupVolumes/tsmbackups6.vol format=50000

How much space is taken on the backups
q auditoccupancy

List of backup volumes
q vol

List of active processes
q proc

Content of a backup volume
q content /backup/tsmbackups1.vol

Storage DB information
SELECT avail_space_mb,capacity_mb, pct_utilized, max_pct_utilized,last_backup_date FROM db

Number of files per client
SELECT node_name, SUM(num_files) FROM occupancy GROUP BY node_name

Number of files and space occupied
SELECT node_name,CAST(FLOAT(SUM(physical_mb)) / 1024 AS DEC(8,2))as "Space in GB", SUM(num_files)as"Number of files" FROM occupancy GROUP BY node_name

Show the log of recent errors
SELECT date_time,message FROM actlog WHERE originator='SERVER' AND severity='E' AND date_time>current_timestamp-1 hours

Size of all server activity
SELECT activity, cast(float(sum(bytes))/1024/1024/1024 as dec(8,2)) as "GB" FROM summary WHERE activity<>'TAPE MOUNT' AND activity<>'EXPIRATION' group by ACTIVITY

Detailed log of past activity with duration and size
SELECT start_time, end_time-start_time AS ELAPTIME, activity, number, entity, cast(float(bytes)/1024/1024/1024 as dec(8,2)) as "GB", successful from summary

List of all tables with descriptions
SELECT tabschema,tabname,remarks FROM tables

Detailed information about current processes
SELECT process_num, process, -
substr(char(start_time),1,19) AS START_TIME, -
substr(char(current_timestamp - start_time),1,10) AS "ELAPTIME (D HHMMSS)", -
cast(float(bytes_processed) /1024/1024 AS DEC(8,2)) AS MB, -
cast((cast(bytes_processed as dec(18,0))/cast((current_timestamp-start_time) seconds as decimal(18,0))) / 1024 / 1024 AS DEC (18,2)) AS "MB/s" -
FROM processes