Docker Fixes

Dockerized GUI app hangs periodically

When you have X11 hung seemingly at random on big GUI updates (like fading) try running the container with host network --net=host to take networking out of the picture.
I've seen GTK apps cause it on the bridged adapters, while QT worked fine.

Problems with swarm networking and windows

Can not ping containers across multiple hosts in an swarm overlay network

Check for overlay networking is your firewall rules. You need the following open between the hosts:

The swarm port, usually 2377/tcp, this is most likely already done
The overlay control port 7946/tcp and 7946/udp
The overlay data port 4789/udp

Troubleshooting windows container hosts

iwr -UseBasicParsing | iex

Docker log location

Ubuntu (new using systemd ) - sudo journalctl -fu docker.service and tailf /var/log/syslog also run docker events
Windows - Get-EventLog -LogName Application -Source Docker -After (Get-Date).AddMinutes(-5) | Sort-Object Time

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