Network fixes

Network fixes

Created Wednesday 28 March 2018

How to do network trace in powershell

netsh trace start capture=yes tracefile=c:\winhost.etl IPv4.Address=
netsh trace stop

Then convert to pcap
$s = New-PefTraceSession -Path C:\vagrant\windockerhost.pcap -saveonstop; $s | Add-PefMessageProvider -Provider C:\vagrant\windockerhost.etl; $s | Start-PerfTraceSession

for specific interface
netsh trace show interfaces
then use

for filter help run netsh trace show capturefilterhelp
$s = New-PefTraceSession -Path “C:\output\path\spec\OutFile.pcap” -SaveOnStop; $s | Add-PefMessageProvider -Provider “C:\input\path\spec\Input.etl”; $s | Start-PefTraceSession